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Prom Court Voting


Voting closes 11:59pm on Sunday.



2019 - 2020 ASB

President: Hannah Woo

Vice President: Clare Jun

Clubs Commissioner: Anthony Liang

Boys’ Sports Commissioner: Michael Bae

Girls’ Sports Commissioner: Emily Vu

Spirit and Rally Commissioner: Ryan Duffy

Student Activities Coordinator: Kay Makki

Sr. Class President: Iman Syed

Jr. Class President: Olga Barbashova

Soph. Class President: Jean Meyer

Secretary: Maddie Lough

Treasurers: Teddy Hur & Pranav Kanchi

Fine Arts Commissioners: Rose Koo & Lauren Lee

Publicity Coordinators: Joy Chen & Victoria Dao

Technology Commissioner: Arush Mehrotra

Staff and Parent Liaisons: Megan Ortiz & Bi Tran

Student Wellness and Life Commissioners: Sydney Field & Jude Salam

Service Project Commissioners: Niloo Motahari & Milan Narula

Trojan Army Liaisons: Ronnie Hazan & Kavin Krishnam




Spring Sports Rally: April 12 (Friday)

8th Grade Family Night: April 15 (Monday)

ASB Appointed Interviews: April 15-17 (Monday - Wednesday)

Appointed ASB and Elected Council Results: April 19 (Friday)

Council Appointed Interviews: April 22-25 (Monday - Thursday)

Clubapalooza: April 25 (Friday)



ASB Feedback Form: https://goo.gl/forms/DrWygJ65SmpC1IOu1



Event Time/Day Location Info

Take Care Tuesday - Yoga and Mindfulness

Tuesday April 16, 2019



UHS small gym

Come and destress with a yoga and mindfulness lesson with your counselors - Mrs. Strausheim and Ms. Adams! Wear comfy clothing! Mats provided!