Welcome UHS Trojans!



Homecoming Ticket Sales (at the SAC)


This Week  

9/18 (Tuesday) - 9/28 (Friday)

$35 with ASB         $45 without


After 12:53pm on September 28th, tickets will be available at the door for $60 for UHS STUDENTS ONLY! Current school ID must be presented when purchasing tickets at the door.


Homecoming Court will be announced on Tuesday!


Remember to Bring ID to All Events


This Week's Events

Event Date/Time Place Info

Golf GOW

September 18, 2018 (Tuesday)

3:00 pm

Strawberry Farms

11 Strawberry Farm Rd, Irvine, CA 92612

Club Finance Meeting

September 18, 2018 (Wednesday)

Office Hours

MPR for all clubs
Comedy Sportz Welcome Match Pt. 2 September 21, 2018 UHS Big Theatre

$5 With ASB

$7 Without

Freshman Class Council 2022


Thank you all so much for interviewing for vice president, everyone did so well and it showed a lot of courage to do so. That being said there can only be one vice president and after a long evaluation, I have come to the conclusion the Freshman Vice President will be Jean Meyer! Again thank you so much to everyone that interviewed!

- Wyatt + ASB