This is due Thursday, January 17 and should be filled out alongside your advisor.

- Charlie


Registration packet:
Registration online portion: 
Sample Minutes: 
Sample Constitution:
Registration presentation:
FIXED Advisor / President Expectations Form:
The use of detailed minutes - noting the details of a club meeting - is an important part of club procedure, increasing accountability and highlighting needed changes. Turning in these minutes in a timely fashion is very important for the continued success of UHS clubs. 
Meeting Minutes must have the signatures of: Secretary, Presiding Officer, Club Advisor.

Every month, clubs are required to turn-in their meeting minutes.


For assistance, please contact the Clubs Commissioner at


Clubs List

This is the Fall Clubs List for 2018. Updated 11/06/2018 at 11:45 AM.

Club Account numbers can be found physically posted at the Student Activities Center (SAC) on the paperwork rack.

Contact the Clubs Commissioner at

Type of Club Club Name Club President(s) Room Number Club Advisor Email Meeting Times during Lunch Frequency
Academic Academic Decathlon Hamzah Alam, Kyle Chen 202 Mr. Esposito Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri Weekly
Academic AI Club Raphael Facredyn, Adrin Ahmadizadeh 305 Ms. Chang Fri Weekly
Academic California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Alvand Daliri 212 Mrs. Raitt Mon, Tues, Wed Bi-weekly
Academic Computer Science Club Patrick Liu 509B Mr. Kinney Thurs Weekly
Academic Entrepreneurship Club Pranav Kambhammettu 302 Mrs. Chang Tues, Thurs Bi-weekly
Academic Future Business Leaders of America Chelsea Guo 319 Ms. Bartlau Wed Bi-weekly
Academic Girls Who Code Ivy Cao, Maggie Zhang 509B Mr. Kinney Tues Weekly
Academic Junior National Association of the Deaf (Jr. NAD) Shaiann Hernandez 1023 Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Arguilez Tues, Thurs Weekly
Academic Math Club Lan Jiang, Anton Ni 304 Mrs Kurdziel, Mrs Hudgins Fri Weekly
Academic Medical Club Kashvi Ranjan 709 Mr. Knight Wed Bi-weekly
Academic Mock Trial Chelsea Guo 714 Ms. Fitzpatrick Tues Weekly
Academic Model United Nations Brian Kim 902 Mrs. Oakes Fri Weekly
Academic National History Day Alvand Daliri 923 Mrs. Richonne Tues Monthly
Academic One Stop Open Source (Previously "Robotics Club") Suryadip Bandyopadhyay 705 Mr. Bell Tues Weekly
Academic Physics Joshua Zou 707 Mr. Smay Tues Weekly
Academic Science Club* Maggie Zhang, Amy Zhong 709 Mr. Knight, Mr.Brighton Tues Bi-weekly
Academic SpaceSet Chelsea Guo 709 Mr. Knight Fri Weekly
Academic Speech and Debate Lan Jiang, Mira Ogawa 213, 216 Mr. Groh, Ms. Picker Mon, Tues, Fri Weekly
Academic Technology Student Association Arjun Neervannan 217 Mrs. Ozoa Thurs Weekly
Art/Culture Artivism Tuongvi Bui 220 Mrs. Martin Mon Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Band Executive Council Michelle Te 601 Mr.Heddon Thurs Weekly
Art/Culture Black Student Union Khaleel Abdul 301 Mrs.Huber Wed Monthly
Art/Culture Chinese Culture Club Desiree Chong 210 Ms.Cui Tues Monthly
Art/Culture Choir Club Sofia Canul 602 Mr. Olvey Wed Monthly
Art/Culture Dance Company Rishan Ephrem Studio Mr. Johnson Thurs Weekly
Art/Culture Drama Club Angelina Ross 223 Miss Bettger Fri Monthly
Art/Culture Filipino Club Ariana Caguioa, Sophia Dungo 306 Ms. Banaban Fri Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Folk Music Club Daniel Bolotin 922 Mr. Pendleton Thurs Monthly
Art/Culture French Club Jason Song 212 Ms. Raitt Tues Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Gender Sexuality Alliance Jessica Lin 202 Mr. Esposito Tues Weekly
Art/Culture Inklings Christina Liu The Library Mr. Fratantaro Mon Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Jewish Student Union Hannah Ruhm 412 Mrs. Kessler Wed Weekly
Art/Culture Korean Club Na Won (Julia) Yoon 713 Ms. Remmer Tues Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Musical Interactions Samuel Dishon 601 Mr. Heddon Mon Monthly
Art/Culture Muslim Student Association Omar Salem 213 Mrs. Picker Wed Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Orchestra Student Organization Maddie Fruman, Allison Kim 604 Mr. Winslow Wed Weekly
Art/Culture Persian Language Saman Givian 702 Mr. Brighton Mon Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Persian Student Association Patrick Namazian, Danial Hashemi 702 Mr. Brighton Tues, Thurs Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Photography Club Jerry Li Library Mr. Frat Wed Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Poetry Club (formerly Literature) Ted Xiang 219 Mr. Garcia Wed Bi-weekly
Art/Culture South Asian Student Association Bhumika Sharma, Simran Nayyar 205 Ms. Kohout Wed Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Spanish Club Patrick Namazian 202, 201 Mrs. Covarrubias, Mrs. Kohout Thurs Weekly
Art/Culture Surf Club Cameron Bernardo Library Mr. Fratantaro Fri Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Turkish Culture Peri Piskinsoy 702 Mr. Bell Thurs Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Uni Pizzazz Clare Jun Library Mr. Fratantaro Mon Bi-weekly
Art/Culture Vietnamese Student Association Alina Trinh, Nicolas Le 518 Mrs. Garcia Wed Weekly
Art/Culture YImpression: Rubber Stamp Club Jingyi Zhou 307 Mrs. Louis Thurs Weekly
Community Service Access to Art Carolyn Wang, Emily Fukuda 501 Ms. Mudge Wed Bi-weekly
Community Service American Cancer Society for Youth (ACSY) Isha Sharma 709 Mr. Knight Thurs Bi-weekly
Community Service American Lung Association Lauren Cho 702 Mr. Brighton Mon Bi-weekly
Community Service Amnesty International Jude Salam 508 Mr. Chinn Fri Weekly
Community Service Call Me Hope Lily Litvak 201 Mrs. Hansen Tues Monthly
Community Service Care Project Olivia Cho, Dena Norouzi 904 Mr. Meyer Mon Weekly
Community Service Childhelp Ria Shrivastava, Mariah Grady 925 Ms. Campbell Tues Bi-weekly
Community Service DREAMS Daniel Hwang 221 Mr. Davis Fri Bi-monthly
Community Service Eco Club Mackenzie Field, Jet Jue 307 Mrs. Lewis Wed Weekly
Community Service Families Forward Club Alexander Wazzan 1020 Ms. Bebout Thurs Bi-weekly
Community Service Gear Up for Hope Niloo Motahari 516 Mr. Alix Mon Bi-weekly
Community Service Halo Katie Rachels 704 Mr. Shrake Wed Bi-monthly
Community Service Key Club Alina Guo 311 Ms. Bradshaw Tues Weekly
Community Service Koncerts 4 Kause Daniel (Eunhoo) Kim 702 Mr. Brighton Thurs Bi-weekly
Community Service Labdoo Laptop Recycling Esther (Yuchen) Cai, Anthony Chen 313 Ms.Miler Fri Bi-weekly
Community Service Leo Club Maria Kabeer, Lei Nishiuwatoko 508 Mr. Chinn Tues Weekly
Community Service Livingstone CDC Grant Oh, Isabella Oh 201 Ms. Hansen Tues Bi-weekly
Community Service Make-A-Wish Club Jasmine Choi 712 Mrs. Remmer Wed Bi-weekly
Community Service MEDLIFE Mani Homafar, Matin Homafar 201 Mrs. Hansen Fri Monthly
Community Service Nothing But Nets Michael Yu 306 Ms. Banaban Tues Bi-weekly
Community Service Operation Smiles Zhanbo (James) Wang 702 Mr. Robinson Tues Bi-weekly
Community Service Pink Ribbon Club Leila Mirsafian 201 Mrs. Hansen Wed Bi-weekly
Community Service Red Cross Club Kayli Choy 708 Mr. Shrake Tues Weekly
Community Service Small Steps Big Changes Amber Sun 203 Senora Covarribias Tues Bi-weekly
Community Service StempowerHer* Diya Chakraborti 702 Mr. Brighton Wed Bi-weekly
Community Service UNICEF Marina Chang, Sabrina Huang 921 Ms. Jacobsen Fri Weekly
Community Service Wells Of Life Marina Chang 306 Ms. Banaban Mon Bi-weekly
Community Service Wings Club Kellie Cao 211 Mrs.Cui Wed Weekly
Community Service World Food Program Patrick Namazian 1020 Mrs. Bebout Thurs Bi-weekly
Community Service Young Democratic Socialists Club August (Richard) Carleton 501 Mrs. Mudge Fri Weekly
Community Service Youth Action Team Rojan Javaheri, Sabrina Huang, Ida Pirzadeh 516 Mr.Alix Thurs Bi-weekly
Interest Access Christian Club Elias Fang 316 Ms. Thompson Tues Weekly
Interest Anime Club Emily Tao 217 Mrs. Ozoa Tues Weekly
Interest Astronomy Club Samuel Alber 221 Mr. Davis Wed Weekly
Interest Badminton Club John Ha Small Gym Ms Salinger Mon Weekly
Interest Barely Managing Zhiqing Huang (Scarlett), Kiana Mansourrousta 702 Mr. Brighton Tues Weekly
Interest Cherry Cinema Club Tristan Mogari 702 Mr. Brighton Fri Weekly
Interest Chess Rahul Pal In front of the MPR Mrs. Hansen Thurs Weekly
Interest Chinese Chess Club Michael Zhou, Zongqi Wang 218 Mr. Pei Fri Weekly
Interest Crypto Club Ainesh Arumugam 312 Mr. Huber Wed Weekly
Interest Democrats Sabrina Huang 508 Mr. Chinn Thurs Weekly
Interest Dungeons and Dragons* Charlie Feuerborn 206 Mr. Stibolt Wed, Thurs Weekly
Interest Fellowship of Christian Athletes Eve Carpenter 703 Mr. Kasper Fri Weekly
Interest Film Club Suryadip Bandyopadhyay 707 Mr. Smay Fri Weekly
Interest Game Development Club Seoongyeop Chin Library Mr. Frat Wed Weekly
Interest Girls Lacrosse Club Gracelyn Caceros 206 Mr. Stibolt Thurs Monthly
Interest Graphic Design Club Benjamin Janey Library Mr. Fratantaro Wed Weekly
Interest Hindi Club Yashmit Singh, Rajit Singh 519 Ms. Garcia (Heather Garcia) Tues Weekly
Interest Journalism Club Sabrina Huang 508 Mr. Chinn Wed Bi-weekly
Interest Junior Classical League Sedong Hwang 221 Mr. Davis, Mr. Michalak Mon Weekly
Interest Laughter is the Best Medicine Austin Kaufman Room 303 Mr. Shulman Thurs Weekly
Interest Local Politics Club Marvin Li, Nathan Tay 713 Ms. Remmer Fri Bi-weekly
Interest Magic Club Charlie Feuerborn 905 Ms. Huson Fri Weekly
Interest MARVELous Movies Sophia Chen, Varsha Badavide Library Mr. Frat Wed Weekly
Interest My VCR Club Emy Zhu 515A Ms. Hsieh Mon Weekly
Interest Outdoor Adventure Club Berin Cubukcuoglu 201 Senora. Hansen Fri Monthly
Interest Paws for Cause Grace Fan Library Mr. Frat Tues Weekly
Interest Rocketry Club Michael Yu 702 Mr. Brighton Thurs Bi-weekly
Interest Rubik's Cube Club Kaleb Jen 201 Ms. Hansen Thurs Weekly
Interest She's the First Simran Nayyar 219 Mr. Garcia Fri Weekly
Interest TED Club Kasra Lekan 305 Mrs. Chang Wed Monthly
Interest Wall Street Jaimin Patel, Pranav Kanchi 520 Mr. Hwang Tues Weekly

*Club of the Year 2017-2018 in respective category


The use of detailed minutes - noting the goings-on of a club meeting - is an important part of club procedure, increasing accountability and highlighting needed changes. Turning in these minutes in a timely fashion is very important for the continued success of UHS clubs. 

Sample Meeting Minutes:
Must have the signatures of: Secretary, Presiding Officer, Club Advisor.

Form to Turn-In Minutes:
Every month, clubs are required to turn-in their meeting minutes.
Minutes are due the second Tuesday of the month following their completion
ex. September minutes are due the second Tuesday of October

For assistance, please contact the Clubs Commissioner at


Club finances

Hey presidents,
Thank you for supporting Lan at her Finance meeting, I hope you all have a good understanding of how the system works, or you can get a briefing from your treasurers. Remember: All Clubs must turn in a budget, even if it has zero balance, income, expenditures, and ending balance.
For anyone who missed the meeting, or wants to reference the material presented, the slides are linked.
In other news, the ASB Club Grants program will continue this year. The deadline to apply for a grant for Fall Semester is Friday, Oct 26: one week after Club Kickoff. If you have a club which needs some financial support in order to provide a better experience for our student body, we encourage you to apply! Note that we will not be providing grants for food purchases.

Upcoming finance deadlines:

October 12th – CKO PreAuths and Fundraiser Forms Due
October 19th – Club Kick Off
October 26th – Fall Application for club grants due
Failing to meet any of these deadlines may result in decommissioning of your club, particularly the budget deadline.

Speaker Request

Having professionals in industry speak to students regarding their involvement in a field similar to your club enriches the Trojan experience. Bringing a speaker to talk to a group larger than your club also increases exposure to your club. To apply, please talk to your club advisor. Please contact the Speaker Series Chair at if you have any questions.