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List of Clubs w/ Detailed Information! 

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Academic Clubs Meetings President Contact
Academic Decathlon Weekly David Lee
Ethics Bowl Club Weekly Grace Jin
FBLA Weekly Pranav Kanchi
Girls Who Code Weekly Katherine McPhie
Mock Trial Weekly Kasra Lekan
Model United Nations Weekly Carolyn Wang
National History Day Monthly Amerdeep Passananti
Science Club Bi-Weekly Emily Zhang, James Chen
SpaceSet Weekly Kasra Lekan and Sedong Hwang
Speech and Debate Weekly Anthony Liang
UHS Investment Club Weekly Charles Yates
Service Clubs Meetings President Contact
Books For Africa Bi-Weekly Rania Benromdhane
Code Red Bi-Weekly Susanna Mathew, Kirah Andreychuk
DREAMS Weekly Allison Kim
Eco Club Weekly Ojal Mapuskar
Girl Up Bi-Weekly Allison Yue & Sophia Wang
HALO Dance For Autism Monthky Nina Zand
Justice Project Bi-Weekly Arush Mehrotra
Just For Kicks! Weekly Kaili Taagapera
Key Club Weekly Mimi Tran
Laughter is the Best Medicine Club Weekly Austin Kaufman
Leo Club Bi-Weekly Mikayla Castillo & Jani Ong
Make A Wish Bi-Weekly Kate Weiland, Olivia Cho
Paws For Cause Bi-Weekly Iman Syed
Reforestation club Bi-Weekly Deeti Shah
StempowerHer Bi-Weekly Diya Chakraborti
TongueOut Bi-Weekly Joshua Nguyen
UHSSurfrider Bi-Weekly David Huang
Youth Action Team (YAT) Bi-Weekly Christina Liu, Megan Ortiz
Interest Clubs Meetings President Contact
Computer Science Club Weekly Daniel Feng
Dungeons and Dragons Club Weekly Courday Farnam
Female Athlete Empowerment Club Bi-Weekly Eleanor Hanssler
Gender Sexuality Alliance Weekly Claire Lin and Andrew Bota
Girls Lacrosse Club Weekly Zoe Saito
Gray Matter Bi-Weekly Elaine Zhou, Ira Chaturvedi, Baani Sabharwal
Just Smiles Bi-Weekly Samantha Wiedemann, Amerdeep Passananti
LA Times High School Insider Bi-Weekly Erin Jeon
Local Politics Club Bi-Weekly Evan Wolf
Magic Club Weekly Anthony Liang
Pink Ribbon Club Monthly Calvin Zuo
UHS Democrats Bi-Weekly Evan Wolf
Write Here. Write Now. Bi-Weekly Allison van Erp/Alysa Feng
Culture/Art Clubs Meetings President Contact
Animation Club Bi-Weekly Ashley Omiya
Choir Club Bi-Weekly Rose Koo
Drama Club Monthly Gino Torquato
Game Development Club Weekly Aditya Tyagi
Greek Culture Club Bi-Weekly Spiro Sun
Junior Classical League (JCL) Weekly Esther Kim and David Min
Orchestra Student Organization Class Period Allison Kim
Orthodox Christian Club Bi-Weekly Spiro Sun, Gregory Soliman
Persian Culture Club Bi-Weekly Jonanne Talebloo, Farimah Fanaei
Spanish Club Weekly Samantha Wiedemann, Dani Zand
Turkish Culture Club Bi-Weekly Eda Gokdogan
Co-Curriculars Meetings Teacher/Student President Contact
UNI_Technology&Engineering (UNITE) After School Tinh Tran
UniHigheSports After School Tinh Tran
Spanish Classes Class Period Genee Hansen
Sword and Shield Class Period Martin Chinn
UHS Dance Company Class Period Diya Chakraborti
UHS Orchestra Program Class Period Grace Lee
UHS Band Class Period Sam Dishon
UHS Color Guard Class Period Sam Dishon
UHS Choir Class Period Jason Olvey
UHS Theater Arts Class Period Ranae Bettger



To sign up for these clubs/Co-curricular email lists, please fill out this Google form:

Frequently asked questions

How do I start a club?

Freshmen are encouraged to explore the wide array of clubs available at UNI. New club proposals are only considered from sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The process to start a club begins in the first 2 weeks of each semester and requires you to attend the club registration meeting in the MPR.


How do I join a club?

Fill out the google form above in the VIRTUAL CLUBS/CO-CURRICULAR FAIR section. Clubs will contact you via email to post updates about meeting times, board applications, etc.


What if I don't join any clubs during 4/15 family night? Will I be able to join clubs later on?

Yes, you will! You can email any of the clubs at any time to be added to their email list. You can also attend any club interest meetings advertised on campus, and explore clubs first hand at the freshmen club showcase, which is a dedicated homeroom time for freshmen to explore clubs in the first month of school. 


Do you have tips for freshmen?

Yes! Explore as much as you can about clubs through family night and the full list of clubs. Put your name down in all the clubs you are even slightly interested in. We encourage you to try out many clubs at first, so you can choose which ones you want to stick with.


What is an "interest meeting"?

It is what it sounds like. It's every club's first meeting of the year where everyone is invited to learn and hear about the club. This is also a time where the club collects email addresses from prospective students.

Full 2019-2020 Clubs List


The use of detailed minutes - noting the goings-on of a club meeting - is an important part of club procedure, increasing accountability, and highlighting needed changes. Turning in these minutes in a timely fashion is very important for the continued success of UHS clubs. 


Sample Meeting Minutes:
Must have the signatures of: Secretary, Presiding Officer, Club Advisor.


Form to Turn-In Minutes:
Every month, clubs are required to turn-in their meeting minutes on the second Tuesday of the month following their completion. 


Club finances


Online Registration: Check back next year!
President/Advisor Expectations form:
Sample Constitution:

For assistance, please contact the Clubs Commissioner at