ASB Positions


Advisors: Michelle Fox and Brianna smith
DHH Interpreter: Kathy Bodewig
Accountant: Dawn Jan 


Jean Meyer

 President: Jean Meyer

Uni has spirit, excitement, & passion. As ASB President, I want to be a leader to our ASB leadership class, class council, & the general student body by creating a positive & supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves. This year, we will use this new beginning to bring back old traditions while creating new memories.


Mila Nenadic        Vice-President: Mila Nenadic

 As Vice President I strive to foster a supportive and positive environment here on campus. I hope to be a leader to Student Council, Asb, and the student body and also put on engaging and inclusive events for everyone to enjoy.



Quinlan Tobin Clubs Commissioner: Quinlan Tobin

After a year and a half of covid related-limitations, clubs have made their glorious, in-person return! This is a year of rebuilding and inventing; I plan to give the clubs at Uni as many opportunities as possible with the hope to revive club spirit and inspire underclassmen to find their own clubs to become a proud part of.


Joshua ZhouBoys' Sports Commissioner: Joshua Zhou

What's up guys my name is Joshua Zhou. I am a Junior and currently the Boys Sports Commissioner. I am very passionate about waterpolo, engineering, and the management of this year. I hope we have a great year!


Yade CinarGirls' Sports Commissioner: Yade Cinar

 I will work to ensure that our athletes and spectators have the best athletic experience possible through creating engaging events and increasing sports participation. I strive to highlight our athlete's' accomplishments in order to foster an empowering and supportive athletic culture at Uni.


Kody AlarconSpirit and Rally Commissioner: Kody Alarcon

 What’s popping, I’m Kody Alarcon the spirit and rally commissioner. I hope to see a return of spirit culture around Uni campus from all 4 classes. Most of all I want to have fun with Uni Trojans.


Student Activities Coordinator: Wyatt 

wyattAs SAC, I hope to create a fun and uplifting environment that everyone feels comfortable in! I can't wait to see UNI return to its full spirit and energy. I look forward to connecting all of the student body through the morning announcements and Univision.


Olga BarbashovaSenior Class President: Sara Ghaem-Maghami

I aspire to create a memorable senior year experience and provide opportunities for members of our class to connect with one another. I really value supporting all seniors in their endeavors, whether it is council related or not, and hope everyone knows they have a place at UNI <3.


Raniyah ChishtiSenior Class VP: Karim Galal

 Hi, my name is Karim Galal and I’m one of the senior class vice-presidents! I’m super excited to see how this year plays out and am totally ready to have the class of 2022 dominate in spirit night.


CheyenneSenior Class VP: Hunter Jue

 As Senior Class Vice President, I strive to engage the entire class of 22 and encourage spirit and pride for Uni that unites our community. It is my goal to make this year the most memorable and fun for not only the senior class, but for the entire school.



Mila NenadicJunior Class President: Ryan Alavi

First of all, I want to make sure everyone is surrounded by good vibes. My main goal is to get everyone in my class involved while also just having fun and giving everyone the best high school experience possible. As we transition back into regular high school environment, I want to reinstate our school spirit and class hype.


Kody AlarconJunior Class VP: Kassidy Leem

 Hi! As Junior Class Vice President I want to work on bringing our class together through emphasizing the importance of being better together. One of my main goals is to ensure that everyone feels supported and comfortable everyday at school. I am so excited for this year and can't wait to see what the future holds!!


​​​​Nadia JahanbinJunior Class VP: Shannon Hegarty

  My goal this year is to reunite the student body after a year of uncertainty. I also hope to help my class bond so that this year we are stronger and more spirited than ever!


Ryan AlaviSophomore Class President: Anna Gubin

   hi! my name is anna gubin, and i'm lucky enough to call myself the sophomore class president. i strive to make this year, a year of possibility and excitement, filled with new memories, new people, & new experiences for my class. i truly hope that by working with council and all the people that make up our grade, together we can all thrive.


Shannon HegartySophomore Class VP: Riley Hertstein

My overall goal for this year is to learn how to succeed in my position as much as possible because I didn't get to completely experience Uni last year. I plan to learn while keeping in mind how important it is to enjoy every moment in and out of class because covid gave me a sense of appreciation for all the big and little things.


Edward JungSophomore Class VP: Jesse Niedwick

Being one of the Sophomore VPs, my goal for this year is too unite our class and make everyone feel like they are part of UNI. Working with other ASB positions together the class of 24’ will be one of the best leaded classes UNI has ever seen.


Anna GubinFreshman Class President: Sarah Hong

As Freshman Class President, I hope to connect Uni's Class of '25 with the rest of UHS! I'm excited to help create a community that every Trojan feels welcome in.


Anna GubinFreshman Class VP: Lilian Gan

As Freshman class vice president, this year I really hope to connect with the Freshman class and help everyone get more involved in school events. I want to create a better school environment so everyone can look forward to going to school and feel more safe.


Keiko Behrens Secretary: Gaby Choi

My goal is to help ASB stay as organized as possible and make information easily accessible, so that ASB can efficiently continue past traditions while reaching out and trying new things. I also hope to work with and help others with anything they need so that everyone can enjoy their time and feel like they got the most out of this year!






Ashaank JhaTreasurer: Max Li

I look forward to developing an accessible way for students, staff, and clubs to learn about how to best manage their finances. Additionally, I hope to be able to help all of the UNI community with whatever general questions they may have about their finances whenever necessary.


Elizabeth VaughtTreasurer: Zoie Verghese

I hope to be able to foster a clear and supportive environment for clubs across campus to manage their finances. I also want to support Ms. Jan in the SAC by ensuring all paper work is kept in order. Lastly, I hope to be able to answer questions about finances and provide any necessary help.


Anjali ArasasinghamFine Arts Commissioner: Sol Choi

I want to nurture and showcase UNI's amazing art community and infuse artistic creativity into the lives of UNI students. Through Spotlight Week and Fine Arts Week, I hope to increase arts appreciation and provide students with fun, creative outlets to channel their emotions and feelings. Finally, I hope to make the arts interdisciplinary by encouraging collaboration among the arts departments and the entire student body.


Hiromi NishidaFine Arts Commissioner: Kaylie Kubota

 This year I hope to increase publicity for the arts to show the school how cool each art discipline is! I also hope to showcase our talented artists of varying levels and abilities, for art is a gift to be shared to all!


Kortney MaedaPublicity Coordinators: Miriam Klaczynska

Merging my love of art and desire to create connections, I hope to use the Trojan Army community, both online and in-person, as a force for good in fostering a welcoming atmosphere on campus. Through design and photography, I hope to explore innovative ways to reach out to the student body while supporting and encouraging all students as they find their passions and become involved with student activities and events.



Arne NooriPublicity Coordinator: Millie Batra

My goal as publicity coordinator is to bring together the student body through promoting and publicizing events. Merging my love for graphic design and communication, I hope to effectively convey information to benefit the community at UNI as a whole.


Arush MehrotraTechnology Commissioner: Edward Jung

As the ASB Technology Commissioner, I aim to involve as many students as possible, ensuring that during these unprecedented times, everyone has easy access to information about school events and updates. I also want to automate as many aspects of clubs so that students can focus creating memories.


Caroline MummStaff and Parent Liaison: Nadia Jahanbin

As Staff and Parent Liaison, I strive to utilize my resources in order to fully demonstrate my and the school's appreciation for hard working stuff members, and their respective accomplishments. By humanizing the staff, orchestrating appreciation weeks, and weekly celebrations of selected staff members, Simona and I hope to communicate the depth in which we value University High School's staff, and their dedication both in and outside of school hours.


Kaili TaageperaStaff and Parent Liaison: Simona Forster

Nadia and I hope to facilitate the connection between staff, parents and students as this year we are “better together”. We want to appreciate the staff and parents for all the hard work they put in to make sure we have a successful year during these unprecedented times.


Sara Ghaem-MaghamiStudent Wellness and Life Commissioner: Sam Maradani

As this year's Wellness Commissioner I hope to promote inclusivity and compassion at Uni. I want students to prioritize their mental health and know that they are supported!


Krishna KhawaniStudent Wellness and Life Commissioner: Kayla Rezazadh

As a 2021-2022 Life and Wellness Commissioner, I strive to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere at University High. I wish for students to prioritize their mental health during such challenging times and I aspire to help them throughout their mental journey.


Amerdeep PassanantiService Project Commissioner: Deven Gupta

Hi everyone! I hope to build off of the work done by this position from previous years and create more unique opportunities for our campus to engage with serving our community. I look forward to collaborating with other positions and clubs to fully immerse the Uni student body in the various service projects that we carry out this year.


Leyland YangService Project Commissioner: Asher Do

What's up Uni! As one of your Service Project Commissioners this year, one of my goals is to get our amazing school more involved with our local community. I look forward to creating new ways to engage with our community while also continuing some of the great service events from previous years.


Sydney FieldTrojan Army Liaison: Gabe Young

Oh, hey! Didn't see you there! I'm Gabe, and I'm so excited to be this year's Trojan Army Liaison. I believe that every student has a passion, and the biggest thing I want to do in this position is highlight those very passions! This year is gonna rock!


Andrea GalangDHH Representative: Joecelyn Soria

Hello my name is Joecelyn Soria I’m the Dhh Rep for the 2021- 2022 school year. I joined ASB because I love to be involved with school. I am looking forward to a great year as a DHH rep and be able to learn more skills to be a leader.


Elizabeth MatkoDHH Representative: Joe Saraceni

HEY HEY HEY!! As the senior DHH rep, I am planning to work hard to bridge the gap between the hearing and the dhh students and to make our segments in univision even better!!