ASB Positions


Advisors: Michelle Fox and Brianna smith
DHH Interpreter: Kathy Bodewig
Accountant: Dawn Jan 


 President: Ryan Alavi

Hey everyone! I’m incredibly humbled and excited to serve as your ASB President. This year will not just be about restoring Uni culture but about reinvigorating what it means to be a Trojan in every aspect of our campus. Whether it’s clubs, sports, academics, or arts, this year will be all about going where no Trojans have gone before. This year will be exciting and full of adventures, all while being welcoming, inclusive, and open to all interests and passions. But, none of this can happen without all of you. This is our UNIverse.

Fun facts: I can do a backflip, I go to Downtown Disney more than UTC, and I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.


        Vice-President: Joshua Zhou

Hey guys, this is Joshua Zhou. My goal for this year is to create a friendly environment within ASB where everyone gets a chance to speak and voice their ideas/opinions. I want to make sure that everyone is also doing well, whether its mentally or within their respective positions. I hope that as Vice President, people will look to me as a supporting figure who will listen and help out whenever they need.

Fun facts: I create renderings of space settlements (CHECK MY PORTFOLIO), I really like durian, I love Sword Art Online



 Clubs Commissioner: Varin Gupta

I aim to be the clubs commissioner that provides our amazing club community everything it needs to succeed on campus. Now that we’re back on our feet, it’s time for clubs to thrive and grow in their quest to provide meaningful opportunities to students.

Fun facts: I’ve had a splinter in my hand since kindergarten, I’m always open to trying new foods, I’m really good at memorizing numbers


Boys' Sports Commissioner: Aidan Christie

As Boys Sports Commissioner, I want to bring as much hype to sports games as possible. The most important thing about a game is how much you enjoy the experience, so I’ll be looking to improve the experience as much as I can by organizing themed games, starting chants, and bringing energy. Sports games can form a lot of good memories, and I want to make sure that the memories people make when they show up to uni sports games are unforgettable.

Fun facts: I can solve a rubik’s cube, I love Jersey Mikes, and I love Muhammad Ali


Girls' Sports Commissioner: Sydney Gaw

As the Girls' Sports Commissioner, I strive to cultivate a supportive and equitable environment for all of our sports teams. I am committed to advocating for our student athletes, uplifting underrepresented voices, and ensuring that each sport receives equal recognition. By bringing sports to the forefront of school culture and recognizing the achievements and hard work of every athlete, I hope to foster a positive and empowering community.

Fun facts: I've written and published a book; I like to write sports articles and have gotten to meet a lot of cool athletes; and I have played the violin for about 8 years.


Spirit and Rally Commissioner: Michael Dougherty

As ASB’s Spirit and Rally Commissioner my main goal is to show everyone that there is fun in school spirit. When everyone is united together having fun it creates amazing memories, and I want to help facilitate that.

Fun facts: I love the anime One Piece, my favorite musician is Isaiah Rashad, and the first concert I’ve been to was a Playboi Carti concert.


Student Activities Coordinator: Daniel Delpassand

I have one mission this year: rebuild the Trojan Army. I will do this by working alongside the Spirit & Rally Commissioner to make Uni hype across the board--from pep rallies to sports, to lunchfests, to our Univision segment, and beyond.

Fun facts: I like driving my friends, I do Mock Trial, I frequently listen to pirate music


Senior Class President: Elise Feuerborn

As Senior Class President I want to build a tight knit family in our senior class and bring people together from every unique community at Uni. My goal is for this family to enjoy their last year as kids as much as possible.

Fun facts: I have a life bucket list that includes learning to blow glass, I am an avid thrifter, and I have pinned 23,000 pins on pinterest (it has probably increased by the time you are reading this) :).


Senior Class VP: Sumunaa Gnanashanmugam

Hello! This final year, I aspire to unite our senior class and make everyone in our student body feel welcome and celebrated through our events! I hope to strengthen the sense of community we have built between the different classes and help my fellow seniors leave our school a better place than what it was when we first arrived on campus. Most importantly, I am committed to supporting the people around me and learning the most I can from this exciting position!

Fun facts: I crochet bags, my last name is my father's first name, and I like to surf!


Senior Class VP: Kassidy Leem

Hi! I hope to make this year special and memorable for the senior class, through exciting events and new friendships. I can't wait to see what amazing things come out of this year and I truly hope that not only seniors, but the entire student body feels comfortable, accepted, and appreciated at UNI :)

Fun facts: I am left handed, I can wiggle my ears, I can lick my elbow


Junior Class President: Antonio Rodriguez Diaz

Hi Trojans! I'm Antonio and as the Junior Class President, I will ensure that the students of University High School have an unforgettable year. I want to make students passionate about UNI by bringing back class pride and school spirit, as well as encouraging Juniors to be a part of every event on campus. #bleedblue

Fun facts: I'm left-footed in soccer but right-handed, I have a lot of Star Wars LEGOS, and I eat tortillas everyday.


Junior Class VP: Ryan Shrivasta

As Junior Class Council VP I strive to bring the class of 24 together and give them the best Junior year experience possible. It’s one of the most stressful times in our high school careers, and my goal is to make it a more light hearted fun time for everyone. As we transition into a more mature stage of our lives I want to remind people to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the fun things in life by facilitating more events for the class of 24 to enjoy themselves.

Fun facts: I love to bake and cook but I hate doing dishes, I’m a huge Lego fan, and I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica.


Junior Class VP: Chiara Rignot

Going into this year my main goal is to unite the junior class making sure everyone feels acknowledged and representation. I want to highlight the strengths of different students, making sure we produce the best spirit night display and give our best effort to events like unilympics. I want to work with junior leadership to create a positive and hardworking atmosphere for juniors even during such a stressful year.

Fun facts: I play piano, I can speak 3 languages, and I have been on council for 3 years.


Sophomore Class President: Evan Zhong

What's good Uni. We are here to fuse traditional high school elements from Uni's past with new traditions to establish OUR Uni culture that is here to stay. I will expand our class involvement beyond council and encourage everyone to play active roles in the community.

Fun facts: I have natural eyeliner, a 36 inch vert and by voice goes lower than bass range


Sophomore Class VP: Adrian Nguyen

What’s up Uni! I’m Adrian. As sophomore vice this year I’m looking to bring up school spirit and pride this year and look forward to making memories. I want to make this year as fun and hype as possible.

Fun facts: Volleyball player, likes all sports, video game addict


Sophomore Class VP: Ally Kim

I hope to highlight this 2022-23 school year for everyone by staging a positive environment where we create invaluable memories through Uni’s many events. By contributing everything that I have, I want to bring out the best of our student body and create a welcoming, fun, and bright community for everyone.

Fun facts: I can solve the rubik's cube but kind of slowly, I did 30 doubles (for jump roping) in a row in 3rd grade, I like helping people with their life problems.


Freshman Class President: Natalie Thomas

As the Freshmen Class President I aim to make sure my class has a smooth transition into a high school they are happy to be at. I always try my best to make sure all of the freshmen bring their spirit and participate in school events. I hope to start our high school career on the right foot!

Fun facts: I play lacrosse, I have a dog named Marz, I love going to the beach and diving under waves.


Freshman Class VP: Kiran Nanda

Hello, I'm so excited to be your Freshman Class Vice President! I'm looking forward to building unity and excitement between the Class of 2026! I aim to build our class spirit ensuring that everyone has a memorable freshmen year. My goal is to bridge the freshman class and ASB making sure our voices are equally heard. We only have four years, let's make each one count!

Fun facts: I'm almost 5 feet tall, I drink matcha everyday, and I have a shopping addiction.


Technology Commissioner: Edward Jung

My goal is to help ASB stay as organized as possible and make information easily accessible, so that ASB can efficiently continue past traditions while trying new things. I also want to bring event participation and hype to new heights by working the Uniconnect app, the website, as well as music and lights during pep rallies. 

Fun facts: I can speak 3 languages, I've been playing basketball since I was in 1st grade, and I have a black belt in Taekwondo.


Secretary: Joshua Chen

This year, I want to help keep ASB running smoothly and efficiently by staying organized and on top of things. I hope also to be a helpful and approachable member of ASB so that ASB can provide the best experience possible for the school body.

Fun facts: I've been cutting my own hair since 7th grade, I've been doing a water sport since I was three, and I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds.


Fine Arts Commissioner: Caitlyn Yu

This year I want to make art accessible to everyone on campus. I want to ensure that everyone can feel part of the arts community and actively participate in events during Spotlight Week and Fine Arts Week. I also want to highlight all the artists and their work in the various departments on campus.

Fun facts: I’ve been vegetarian for a year, I know how to play the piccolo, my favorite movie is Dead Poets Society


Fine Arts Commissioner: Daniel Parvini

This year I would like to highlight the many visual and preforming art media that Uni provides, and encourage students of all grade levels to experience art at Uni, even if they are unable to take a VAPA course. I hope more students are able to express their more creative and emotional sides in an educational environment, and find their place among VAPA staff and students like I did.

Fun facts: I have three passports, I am bilingual and trilingual if you count Spanish, and I am a vegetarian


Trojan Army Liaison: Kate Stenta

As one of the Trojan Army Liaisons, I want to regenerate the Trojan Army and spirit that makes Uni special. I want to show the pride of being a Uni student and encourage every Trojan to support their school with energy and hype. Let’s make Uni BLEED BLUE!!!

Fun Facts: I am a big Ohio State football fan, I play on the Uni Girls Flag Football Team, and I hope to play collegiate soccer.


Trojan Army Liaison: Alec Apelian

As a Trojan Army Liaison, my goal is to bring excitement and passion to the student body for school events and sports. Connecting students to the UNI community and helping develop lasting school spirit and pride is my priority. Bringing back old traditions and starting new ones will make this year one to remember.

Fun facts: I'm 6'6", I like racing cars in my free time, and playing basketball and volleyball.


Publicity Coordinator: Lauren Choi

Working alongside Najat, as publicity coordinator I hope to connect the student body through promoting and publishing school-wide events. Uniting my passions for graphic design, personal connection, and communication, I hope to foster a community where every student feels a sense of belonging and can make meaningful long-lasting memories.

Fun facts: I highly dislike chocolate, My MBTI personality type is ENTP, and I have whisker dimples!


Publicity Coordinator: Najat Mazloum

Alongside Lauren, our goal as publicity coordinators is to uniquely establish a bond within the student body. If given the chance, we will lead school-wide events and provide great results, ultimately crafting an atmosphere where no one will think twice about creating lifelong memories with their peers.

Fun facts: I speak three different languages, I was born in Australia and raised in Lebanon, I’ve lived in three different continents.


Staff and Parent Liaison: Brooke Shaw

As one of the staff parent liaisons, I aim to help parents and staff stay informed in what the students on campus are doing. I also want to make the teachers feel extra appreciated and special, and make this year the best possible!

Fun facts: I love dancing, I can touch my nose with my tongue, and I have three siblings!


Staff and Parent Liaison: Jesse Niedwick

HEY TROJANS! IT’S YOUR STAPL!! As a Staff and Parent Liaison, my main goal is to show as much appreciation to the staff of UNI as we can. Whether it is with extra coffee or announcing SMOWs, our teachers will feel appreciated!

Fun facts: I have been to Bermuda, I LOVEEEE country music, go karting is kinda my thing ;P


Student Wellness and Life Commissioner: Shannon Hegarty

I am so excited to be one of your ASB Wellness Commissioners this year! This year I hope to help plan a variety of wellness events with my counterpart, as well as involve community service opportunities and bring in other organizations. I will advocate the importance of mental health by hosting school wide events and providing students with resources. <3

Fun facts: My favorite season is fall, I am named after a river in Ireland, I used to live in the South


Student Wellness and Life Commissioner: Jolie Roche

Hey Uni! My goal this year is to bring more attention to Hope Squad and other resources on campus. I also want to host unique Wellness events frequently throughout the school year to give students many opportunities to destress.

Fun facts: I swam with dolphins in South America, I have a collection of hundreds of stuffed animals, I went on a helicopter tour of Las Vegas


Service Project Commissioner: Bryan Tran

Hey UNI! I hope to create a greater variety of opportunities in which students can aid unprivileged communities. I strive to connect service events to clubs on campus as well as other organizations to immerse community service into UNI's overall culture.

Fun facts: I play volleyball, am silver 1 in Valorant, and like to run


Service Project Commissioner: Riley Hertstein

As a Service Project Commissioner at Uni, I hope to increase participation in drives and school donations, and get people excited to give back to our community. My goal is to do this through class competitions, school-wide events, and by collaborating with other schools in our community. I want to inspire Uni students to give back, and show them how fulfilling it feels to help others.

Fun facts: I helped start the Girls' Flag Football team at Uni and we ended up winning the championship the first year!!, This is my third year on ASB!, I have broken my left arm three different times


Treasurer: Andrew Lim

As one of the ASB Treasurers, I aim to support my fellow ASB members in both financial and personal matters. I hope to work closely with the advisors and the students to ensure that our many activities around school are properly financed to provide our community with the best possible experience.

Fun facts: I hate rollercoasters, I have a pet turtle named Spencer, I've never been to disneyland


Treasurer: Max Dreben

As one of the ASB Treasurers, I look forward to effectively organizing the finances for the student body, staff, and clubs. I hope to foster an environment of strong communication on any topics about financing. I want to assist my peers to the best of my ability and answer any questions they may have.

Fun facts: I love TV shows and movies, I'm half Japanese, and I work at a bakery.


DHH Representative: Gabriel Ortiz

Hello Y'all, my name is Gabriel Ortiz, a DHH representative. I want to bring a connection between our DHH community and a hearing community so that we can all unite together. remember Uni we're all in this together!

Fun facts: I can touch my marvelous nose with my tongue very easily, I happened to be the only deaf in my family, I once dislocated my finger and I popped it back.


DHH Representative: Melonnie Smith

I love to watch tv show called the Abbott elementary this is my comfort tv show!

Fun facts: purple, Spiderman, and red