ASB Positions



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School Staff:

Advisors: Shannon Bunch and Michelle Fox
DHH Interpreter: Kathy Bodewig
Accountant: Dawn Jan 


President: Douglas Sun
Vice President: Lee McEligot
Boys’ Sports Liaison: Kyle Schaal 
Girls’ Sports Liaison: Celine Tran
Clubs Commissioner: Charlie Feuerborn
Sprit and Rally Commissioner: Kian Akhavan
Student Activities Coordinator: Kevin Ebrahimy
Student Representative: Neiman Araque
Senior Class President: Quinn Pettit
Senior Class Vice Presidents : Robert Beddome and Sara Sussman
Junior Class President: Iman Syed
Junior Class Vice Presidents: Clare Jun and Anthony Liang
Sophomore Class President: Teddy Hur
Sophomore Class Vice Presidents: Olga Barbashova and Kavin Krishnam
Freshmen Class President: Wyatt MacKellar
Freshmen Class Vice President: Jean Meyer
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Representatives: Precious Palomar & Gerardo Reyes
Fine Arts Commissioners: Rojan Javaheri & Angelina Ross
Publicity Coordinators: Katherine Baek & Karissa Maeda
Secretary: Joy Han
Service Projects Commissioners: Sydney Field & Quan Narula
Staff & Parent Liaisons: Grace Fan & Megan Ortiz
Student Wellness and Life Commissioners: Aniket Mehrotra & Hannah Woo
Technology Commissioner: Hikari Harrison
Treasurer: Lan Jiang
Trojan Army Liaisons: Skylar Mogari & Katie Rachels

Job Descriptions - Elected Positions:

The President is the face of the school and of ASB. His/her primary responsibility is to run the 4th period ASB class. S/he also helps set the agenda for the summer retreat, creates the weekly agendas, runs formal meetings, coordinates ASB bonding events, and plans Election Convention. S/he facilitates communication with other ASBs, works closely with the ASB advisors, assists the Vice President with council functions, and promotes a supportive ASB culture. 

Vice President
The Vice President is the overseer of all councils and the second in command of ASB. The Vice President runs all Class Council elections, plans Spirit Week (both semesters), and organizes the Homecoming halftime activities. S/he works closely with the advisors and helps the President prepare for the summer retreat, coordinate bonding events, and lead the class. S/he is also expected to help the President in enforcing ASB deadlines and tasks. The Vice President is expected to be organized, responsible, and always aware of upcoming events for all ASB positions. 

Boys Sports Liaison/Girls Sports Liaison
The Boys and Girls Sports Liaisons serve as the connection between the coaching staff, athletes, athletic secretary, Trojan Army, and the entire student body. They work together and with coaches to create Game of the Week schedules, encourage school spirit and game attendance, and assist in the production of athletic pep assemblies. They also work with Univision and utilize social media to promote game attendance, report scores, interview players, and update the student body on upcoming athletic contests. 

Clubs Commissioner
The Clubs Commissioner registers every UHS Club. S/he facilitates communication between various clubs and between clubs and ASB. S/he creates and manages the registration process. S/he works with ASB and clubs to promote club membership and to recognize club accomplishments. S/he organizes Freshman Club Showcase, Club Kick-Off Day, and Clubapalooza. S/he oversees all clubs, ensuring that they stay true to their intended purpose and positively affect the student body. 

Spirit & Rally Commissioner
The Spirit and Rally Commissioner raises spirit by encouraging participation and passion for all aspects of UNI. S/he plans, writes, organizes, and emcees all pep assemblies. S/he plays a heavy role in planning, emceeing, and carrying out lunchfests and other school events. S/he is the commander in chief of the Trojan Army and the symbol of UHS School Spirit. S/he must be passionate about all aspects of the school: sports, staff, cultures, art, etc. 

Student Activities Coordinator
The Student Activities Coordinator promotes all student activities, encouraging students to be active members of the UHS community. The SAC makes the bi-weekly PA announcements and anchors Univision. S/he works closely with the Advanced Video Team to script, film, and edit the Univision news-segment and other school-related videos. As one of the leaders of the Trojan Army, the SAC commonly works with the Spirit and Rally Commissioner to lead pep assemblies, lunchfests, and cheers at school events. The SAC is a highly visible member of ASB and has a responsibility to maturely respond to campus opinion. 

Student Representative
The Student Representative is responsible for voicing the opinions of the student body. S/he works with school administration and ASB to improve UHS. S/he also represents the student body at IUSD School Board meetings and serves on various other committees that meet multiple times per month. S/he also coordinates and leads the Homeroom Senate program and organizes Student Open Forum discussions. S/he also provides UNI campus tours to prospective parents and students with the Career and Academics Commissioner. 

Senior Class President
The Senior Class President serves as the class and council leader. S/he organizes Spirit Week, coordinates fundraising efforts, and oversees appointments. Senior Council is centrally involved in the planning of the Trojan Excellence Awards Night, Senior Awards Night, Homecoming Dance, Senior Gift, Senior Activity Day, reunions, graduation, Senior BBQ, the Senior Slideshow, and various senior traditions. S/he is responsible for ensuring that the class council attends identified UHS events (GOWs, lunchfests, etc.) and encourages senior participation in Grad Night. 

Junior Class President
The Junior Class President serves as the class and council leader. S/he organizes Spirit Week, coordinates fundraising efforts, and oversees appointments. Junior Council is in charge of MORP and Prom. S/he is responsible for ensuring that the class council attends identified UHS events (GOWs, lunchfests, etc.). 

Sophomore Class President
The Sophomore Class President represents and serves his/her class as a leader. S/he aids his/her class in successfully participating in both Spirit Weeks. S/he is in charge of organizing meetings and actively involving his/her class advisers, council members, and, most importantly, non-council members. Furthermore, s/he is in charge of making sure his/her class is aware of and attends ASB and school events. 

Freshman Class President
The Freshman Class President serves as the class and council leader. S/he organizes efforts for Spirit Week, and is responsible for the successes or failures of the freshman class. S/he is responsible for the freshman class attendance at UHS events. S/he encourages both council and non-council participation.

Job Descriptions - Appointed Positions:

Council Vice Presidents 
The Council VPs assist the Presidents with the duties of leading Council and delegating responsibilities. Council VPs are also responsible for ensuring that their respective councils attend all UHS events (GOWs, lunchfests, etc.) by maintaining attendance records. They are expected to lead by example. They assist in planning both Spirit Weeks.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Representatives 
The DHH Representatives serve as a link between the DHH community and the rest of UHS. They are responsible for planning and hosting DHH assemblies. They inform the DHH Community of school news and events. They will work to raise school spirit and encourage DHH students to participate in school activities, such as sporting events and dances. They work with Univision to spread deaf awareness to the student body in the DHH Minute Univision segment.

Fine Arts Liaison 
The Fine Arts Liaisons are the liaisons between the Visual/Performing Arts (VAPA) departments and the student body. They strive to facilitate communication and interaction between the Arts and the rest of the school.The Fine Arts Commissioners publicize Fine Arts events throughout the year and work with the VAPA teachers and ASB to organize everything that goes on during Fine Arts Week.

Publicity Coordinators
The Publicity Coordinators control the only publicity medium through which we can be guaranteed to reach almost all of the students on campus. They organize ASB into Publicity Teams to ensure that we publicize efficiently across a large swathe of campus. They plan novel on-campus publicity stunts to advertise our events. They work closely with each other to coordinate publicity efforts. Publicity Coordinators are responsible for ASB’s presence on social media. They maintain and update ASB and Trojan Army Social Media. They plan social media campaigns and create cover photos and profile pictures to advertise upcoming events. They must have the utmost discretion and post only positive and appropriate messages. 

The Secretary facilitates ASB communication, takes minutes at all meetings, coordinates volunteers for Registration, arranges Birthday Buddies, schedules SAC duty and the Food Friday, plans the Holiday Luncheon and purchases end of the year gifts for ASB members. S/he also works in the SAC to assist the treasurers and the ASB accountant. S/he collects all minutes and check requests from the year for the audit in March. 

Service Projects Commissioners (SPCs) 
The SPCs coordinate all school-wide service projects. They organize Charity Week and its keystone event, Count Me In, as well as blood drives, food drives, the holiday toy drives, Pennies for Patients, Walk the Talk, and Think Twice (previously Sober Prom). These large events are a major time commitment as each takes 2 weeks to over a month to plan. Additionally, the SPCs inform the student body of available community service opportunities and organize ASB service-related bondings. The SPCs must be comfortable with approaching both businesses (for donations/sponsorships) and service organizations (for event participation and volunteer opportunities). 

Wellness Commissioners
The Wellness Commissioners are responsible for planning and executing the year-round Speaker Series events. S/he begins planning in the summer. Throughout the year, s/he finds and contacts speakers, publicizes speakers, reserves locations, works with clubs involved in Speaker Series, works with teachers interested in bringing speakers, and takes care of the logistics involved in the production of a successful event. S/he invites speakers who will inspire and engage students. S/he is responsible for Wellness Week. 

Staff Liaisons 
The Staff Liaisons serve as the link between faculty and students. They are responsible for informing the staff of upcoming events, working at parent coffees, organizing Staff Appreciation Week, staff gifts, Staff Member of the Week, and faculty breakfasts. They attend all Leadership Team, PTSA, and school site council meetings as representatives of UHS students and staff. 

Technology Commissioner
The Technology Commissioner updates and maintains the ASB website. S/he is responsible for maintaining online copies of the list of upcoming events, the list of clubs, the ASB/class council rosters, and other school-related resources. S/he is also responsible for maintaining the online copies of UNIVISION. S/he must also coordinate with Publicity regarding social media devices, and assist the Clubs Commissioner in maintaining the club information database. The Technology Commissioner is also in charge of sound and music at school events including Registration, pep rallies, informal dances, council elections, lunchfests and sporting events. S/he is responsible for setting up and taking down audio equipment at all events. 

The Treasurers work with the advisors to create and monitor the ASB Activities Budget, present grant and loan requests to ASB, keep track of checks and pre-auths, and assist the Clubs Commissioner in the monitoring of all Clubs fundraising. The treasurers must also maintain a strong working relationship with the ASB Accountant and be available to volunteer time before school, after school, and during lunch and snack to support the needs of the ASB accountant.