Activities Glossary

Term What is it? Why do I care?
Associated Student Body The 36-person schoolwide student government organization. ASB meets every 4th period in Room 209. ASB includes Class Presidents and Vice Presidents and numerous other positions. If you hang a poster, start a club, submit finances, go to a Speaker Series event, go to a GOW, have had a GOW, participate in the Fine Arts Assembly, participate in schoolwide service projects, run for council, participate in Spirit Week, or do any number of other activities on campus, ASB and its policies affect you.
Class Council A body of approximately 35 students composed of members of a single class. Members are selected through an appointment process (sophomores - seniors), and election (all classes). Class councils organize Spirit Week. Junior Council organizes Prom, and Senior Council organizes Homecoming and other Senior-specific events. Good councils are more likely to fulfill the expectation to attend events outside of school. Council members are leaders on campus who do impact campus culture.
Crossroads The area in front of the theater. The crossroads are where many lunchfests are held, and are something of a campus landmark.
Game of the week (GOW) A designation assigned to one game per season for each varsity-level sport by our ASB Sports Commissioners. For some sports teams, the GOW is the only match where they can expect a significant student turnout. If you are on a team, the publicity and importance given to GOWs can matter a lot. If you are not on a team, the GOW is a fun way to support a sport that you may not otherwise watch.
Homeroom Senate The body, consisting of two senators from each of our 101 Homerooms, that meets approximately four times a semester in the MPR during Office Hours. The Homeroom Senate is an excellent way to voice your concerns. Our ASB Student Representative, who sits on the School Board, runs Homeroom Senate meetings. She hears all your concerns and uses her connections to effect change or to find out why change is not possible.
Lunchfest An event held at lunchtime and run by students, usually in the Crossroads, and often ASB-sponsored. Lunchfests are fun and a special part of the UNI experience! Some notable ones include Club Kick-off Day, Spirit Week competitions, and the Halloween Costume Contest.
Speaker Series A talk given during Office Hours on any topic of interest. The ASB Speaker Series Chairs invite speakers from around the world and handle logistics for Speaker Series. Great Speaker Series can result in powerful memories, especially when they bring you into contact with an individual whom you would never have met otherwise.
Staff Member of the Week (SMOW) a designation assigned by ASB's Staff Liaisons to one (or more) member(s) of the UHS Staff each week. The SMOW is chosen based on student and faculty nominations. SMOW is a simple way to show gratitude to the staff members who do so much for us.
Student Activities Center (SAC) The office where our ASB Accountant works to maintain all on-campus bank accounts. A great deal happens at the SAC: you can purchase dance tickets there, you can submit finance forms for your club, you can sign up for the blood drive, and you can ask questions about ASB events. This list is by no means exhaustive; if you wonder if the SAC can help you with something, just go up there and ask!
Tommy the Trojan Our school mascot. Tommy is the embodiment of Trojan Spirit! He also looks great in selfies.
Trojan Army University High School's Spirit Club. All you need to do to join the Trojan Army is to wear your free Trojan Army shirt! Wear your Trojan Army shirt on GOW days and other designated "Trojan Army Days" to support UNI athletics!