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Preparing For the SAT/ACT

The best preparation for college entrance exams is exactly what you are already doing, being an attentive student. Enriching your vocabulary, reading widely, writing frequently, and practicing math concepts is your best approach. Although professional test preparation is available, research shows that taking a prep class does not guarantee that your score will increase significantly. We suggest you study on your own the first time you take the test, then reevaluate your studying options after receiving your first scores. Do not wait until a week before you take the exam.

    Suggested NO or LOW-COST ways to practice:
    Suggested Books:
    • The Real ACT Prep Guide: The Only Guide to Include 3 Real ACT Tests, Author:
    • The Official SAT Study Guide, Author: The College Board
    • The Official SAT Subject Tests (a separate book for each subject), Author: The College Board

    SAT Subject tests

    Each SAT Subject Test covers a subject you may study in high school or are skilled in based on personal background (for example, if you are fluent in a language other than English). Only a limited number of colleges or majors require Subject Tests. While SAT Subject Tests are not required for UC admission, some campuses recommend that students vying for slots in competitive majors take the tests to demonstrate subject proficiency.