Current Seniors:  You can send your high school transcript using   Please pay close attention to information from your counselors and colleges regarding transcripts to the Common Application, or UC’s and CSU’s.   Graduating seniors are responsible to send final transcript to the college they will be attending in the fall.  


Upon graduation, every senior will receive two free hard copies of their transcripts that they can keep for their records, or mail on their own.  


Summer Programs:  Students applying to summer programs can order either an unofficial transcript through and send the PDF to the summer program, or order the official to be sent directly to the summer program.  Please verify that the summer program accepts transcripts from Parchment.  


Please note the following when using 
You can order official or free, unofficial transcripts.  The transcript stored in your Parchment account will not update automatically when new grades are added to your transcript.  Therefore, you must place a new order to have the latest version of your transcript uploaded to your account.  This process could take up to two business days.  Please, do not submit multiple request to have your transcript updated as this will add significantly to the time it takes to process your request. 


Final, spring semester grades will upload on transcripts after June 11th, 2021.  


Please contact Mrs. Yang if you have any questions at 949-936-7630 or email



All transcript order requests can be made through  Please remember that University High School has your transcript.  Parchment is a provider service that will notify University High School when an order is placed.  Please allow two regular business days for processing any electronic records.  


Transcripts for students who graduated in 1999 or earlier  will take longer (up to five business days) to process.  


For mailed copies with the official school seal, please contact Monica Yang in the records office at 949-936-7630 or email


Education Verification

Please fax Education Verification requests to 949-936-7609.  Please include a signed authorization/ release.

Additional Information

Student Verification, Social Security forms, and Good Driver Discount forms: Please see Mrs. Yang in the records office.

Unofficial Transcripts and Grades: Use the IUSD parent portal to access and print a transcript or grade report.