Guidelines & Procedures

Trojan Code of Conduct

University High School believes that all students have a right to come to school in a physically, socially and emotionally safe learning environment.  To that end, we expect students to demonstrate behavior that supports this goal. Specifically, we ask that all students act with integrity, compassion, respect, and personal and social responsibility. This Code of conduct lists expected behaviors and consequences for violating those expected behaviors. The purpose of these policies are not to be punitive, but rather to be used as learning experiences that work to change poor behavior and promote appropriate decision making.

Students who engage in discrimination or harassment in violation of law, Board policy, or administrative regulation shall be subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including counseling, suspension, and/or expulsion. Any employee who permits or engages in harassment or prohibited discrimination shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.  The board also prohibits any form of retaliation against any student who files a complaint or report regarding an incident of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying.



1.  Students will attend all their classes (E.C. 48260). Detention, Saturday School, loss or parking privileges.
2.  All absences must be cleared by a parent or guardian within 3 school days.  Only parents or guardians may write notes or phone in absences. Students age 18 wishing to write their own notes should see their Assistant Principal for information. Detention, Saturday School, Referral to SART and or SARB, Parent Contact, loss of parking privileges (Students may incur no more than 12 total un-cleared absences and tardies to be eligible for a parking permit.)
3.  Students may not leave campus early without obtaining an early dismissal pass from the attendance office. Saturday School, suspension
4.  Students will arrive to class on time. 1st through 5th tardy: Teachers’ individual management plan
6th and 7th Tardy (or 1st, 2nd referral): 2 hours Saturday School
8th and 9th Tardy (or 3rd, 4th referral):4 hours Saturday School
10th tardy (or 5th referral): Parent contact: student placed on contract
5.  Students will remain on campus during the school day including office hours and snack unless they have an Early Dismissal Pass.  During lunch students may leave campus if they have a lunch pass indicated on their I.D.  Adherence to this policy will be monitored by staff spot checks, police, merchants and community reports. 4 hour Saturday School, Possible loss of parking privileges for 1 quarter.
6.  Students will not use or possess tobacco products (including cigarettes and chewing tobacco) at school or at school sponsored events, such as athletic contests, dances, performing arts functions, etc.  This prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes, hookahs, and other vapor emitting devices with or without nicotine content that may mimic the use of tobacco products.(E.C. 48900 (h)) (B.P.) 5136.6). Parent contact, referral to IUSD Tobacco Cessation Program and Irvine Police Department (IPD) contact
Subsequent offense: 3 day suspension
7.  Students will not consume, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or placebos at school sponsored events, such as athletic contests, dances, performing arts functions, etc. (E.C. 48900 (c)), (B.P. 5131.2). Parent Contact, 2 day suspension, plus an additional 3 day referral to IUSD Alternative Suspension Program, suspension for 10 school days from all student- school sponsored activities, and Irvine Police Department contact
8.  Students will not furnish or sell drugs, controlled substances or placebos at school or at school events (E. C. 48900 (c)), (B.P. 5131.66). Parent Contact, suspension, and recommendation for expulsion from IUSD. Police Department notification
9.  Students will not fight (E.C. 48900 (a)). 1 to 5 days suspension, parent contact, possible police Intervention.  Altercations causing serious injury may result in recommendation for expulsion from IUSD
10. Weapons or facsimile/replica weapons are prohibited (E.C. 49330, 48900) Suspension, police notification and may be recommended for expulsion
11. In order to protect privacy for all students, to ensure the integrity of the instructional process and minimize the opportunity for cheating University High School prohibits the use of cellular phones and electronic signaling devices during the course of instructional time.  Students in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action. Detention, Confiscation of device and/or Saturday School
12. Students will adhere to IUSD Technology Resources Acceptable Use Agreement and UHS Internet Use Policy. Consequences based on significance of infraction from revocation of privileges up to and including expulsion
13. Students will attend assigned detention and Saturday School (E. C. 48900 (k)). Failure to attend detention will result in Saturday School, Failure to attend Saturday School will result in 1 day Suspension
14.  Students will not loiter in the parking lot during class time, or scheduled school activities (i.e. Office hours, assemblies, etc,) Students on a shortened day may not linger on campus or in the parking lot. Detention, Saturday School, possible booting of vehicle (with incurrence of a fee at students expense), ticketing (at student’s expense), towing (at student’s expense), possible loss of parking permit if applicable
15.  Students must have a valid parking permit and park in designated student parking during the school day. Loss of a campus parking privileges for a period of time Parent contact and/or police intervention
Illegally parked cars are subject to citation by Irvine Police Department, booting, or towing of vehicle at student expense
16.  Students will park and lock bikes in designated areas.  Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades etc.  may not be used during classes without teacher permission. Saturday School, suspension
17.  Electronic listening devices and electronic games may not be used during classes without teacher permission. Detention, Saturday School, suspension
18.  Games of chance that include wagering are not permitted on campus. 1st Offense:  Confiscation and detention
2nd Offense:  Saturday School
3rd Offense:  Suspension
19.  Students will respect school and private property, refrain from theft of any kind, including the theft of food from the food court (E.C. 48900 (f, l) (P. C. 549). Restitution, Saturday School, suspension, IPD notification.  Robbery or extortion results in suspension and may result in expulsion from IUSD
20.  Students may not possess steal or fraudulently use school documents, records (i.e. passes, forms)  (E.C. 48900 (k)). Saturday School, suspension
21.  Students and staff will be treated with respect (E.C. 48900 (i)). Referral to Assistant Principal
22.  Clothing that promotes alcohol, cigarettes, illegal substances, or displays profanity, derogatory racial or ethnic or sexually degrading images or remarks or violates the IUSD Dress and Personal Appearance Policy may not be worn.  Students will wear shoes at all times.  Examples of inappropriate dress: chains, bandanas, scarves, hairnets or gang related attire, oversized pants or shorts, clothing considered undergarments, clothing exposing undergarments, clothing exposing midriff, upper torso, chest or upper back, or swimwear (C.A.C. Title 5 Sec. 302 Reg.  77)(B.P. 5145.7). Referral to Assistant Principal, parent contact, change inappropriate clothing, detention, Saturday School
23.  Physical hazing, bullying, hate violence and other incidences of mob violence are prohibited (E. E. 48900(a), (B.P. 5145.7), (E.C. 422.6). 3-5 day suspension, police intervention; serious injury will result in suspension and may result in expulsion proceedings.
24.  Students will refrain from harassment, intimidation, or insults whether student-to-student or student-to-adult, including those based on the basis of an individual’s sex.  Included are verbal, visual and physical harassment (B.P. 5145.7). Conference, detention, suspension
25.  Students may not bring laser pointers to school or after school activities (E. C. 48900 (k)). Confiscation, parent contact, Saturday School, suspension, possible recommendation for expulsion from IUSD
26.  Students will refrain from willful defiance of authority or disruption of academic, athletic, or activity programs (E. C. 48900 (k)). Detention, Saturday School, suspension
27.  Students will not earn more than four (4) assignments to Saturday School in any one school year. After the fourth Saturday School, a contact with the parent is established.  Subsequent referral to Saturday School, may result in transfer to an IUSD Alternative Education Program.
28.  Students will refrain from the use of electronic listening or recording device in any classroom without the prior consent of the teacher (B.P. 5131.6, E.C. 51512, & P.C. 632). Confiscation, parent contact, Saturday School, suspension, possible recommendation for expulsion from IUSD

E.C. = Education Code      CAC = California Administrative Code     P.C. = Penal Code     B.P. = Board Policy


academic honesty policy

Students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity while in attendance at University High School.  Each student is expected to do his or her own work.  This includes test taking, homework, class assignments, and the creation of original essays, compositions, term papers, and scientific research.  Sharing work with another student during test, on in-class essays or assignment, or on homework is considered cheating.  If submitted work is not a true Reflection of a student’s own effort and ability, then the student has manifested unacceptable academic behavior.
Any behavior which can be defined as cheating represents a violation of mutual trust and respect essential to education at University High School.  (Academic Honesty Policy B.P. 6010)


CHEATING:  The use of notes, documents or answers during a test, or the copying of one student’s completed assignments or answers by another; allowing another to do the same, or having access to information such as formulas or calculations.
Giving or receiving limited help in troubleshooting a part of an assignment is not normally considered cheating.  However, allowing another student to write any part of an assignment, copying another’s file, or assignment, and excessive collaboration on assignments, are all considered cheating.  Unless specifically approved by the teacher, the student providing such assistance is considered to be cheating as well.  Never allow another student to look at your assignment nor to borrow your electronic file. 
PLAGIARISM:  The use of another’s words ideas, or creative productions without assigning credit to the original source.
To plagiarize is to take ideas or words of another person and pass them off as one’s own.  In short, it is stealing something intangible rather than an object.  Obviously, it is not necessary to state the source of well-known or easily verifiable facts.  But students are expected to acknowledge the sources of ideas and expressions they use in their written work, whether those expressions are quoted directly or paraphrased.  To provide adequate documentation is not only an indication of academic honesty, but also a courtesy which enables the reader to consult your sources with ease.  Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.
It is also considered plagiarism and/or cheating if a student submits a paper written in whole or in part by someone other than himself or herself, or copies the answer or answers of another student in any test, examination or take-home assignment.

academic honesty contract

All students and parents sign this contract during the enrollment process.

  1. I will do my own work.
  2. I will not copy another person’s work, in whole or in part, and turn it in as my own
  3. I will not receive unfair assistance from another student, parent, tutor, computer program, or any other unauthorized source on a project that was meant to be completed alone.
  4. I will keep quiet during a test.  I will not talk to any student, look at anyone else’s paper, or allow anyone else to see my paper.
  5. I will not consult other unauthorized material or information during tests unless my teacher gives me permission (notes, calculator, electronic storage, etc.).
  6. I will not plagiarize.  I understand that plagiarism is using the words or ideas of other authors in my papers without giving those authors credit.
  7. I will not take material from the Internet or another student’s electronic files and use it as my own.
  8. I will not copy text, graphics, musical scores, mathematics solutions, artistic layouts or presentations, or any ideas in any form from another source without proper citation.
  9. I will follow the directions of my teacher regarding whether it is acceptable to give, receive or ask for help on homework.
  10. I will not communicate exam information or answers during or following an exam.
  11. I will not retrieve unauthorized information during a test, whether on paper, in electronic form, or from another student(s).
  12. I will not, in laboratory situations, falsify or fabricate data or observations, including computer output.
  13. I will not arrange to have access to materials or information so that credit may be wrongly claimed by others.
  14. I will not claim credit for work that is not the product of my own honest effort.
  15. I will not provide unwarranted access to materials or information so that credit may be wrongly claimed by others.
  16. I will not turn in an original paper or project more than once for different classes or assignments.
  17. I will refrain from other behaviors that fall under cheating or plagiarism.
  18. Access to information will be viewed as intent to cheat.
  19. I will not claim credit for work that has been produced by foreign language translation programs.
  20. I will not tolerate any of the foregoing.

Any behavior which can be defined as cheating represents a violation of mutual trust and respect essential to education at University High School.  (Academic Honesty Policy. B. P. 6010)

Consequences for breaching the Academic Honesty Contract Include:

First offense:

  • Student referred to Asst. Principal
  • Student receives “0” on assignment
  • Assignment #1 or Saturday School

 Second offense:

  • Student referred to Asst. Principal
  • Student receives “0” on assignment
  • Parent Conference
  • Assignment #2
  • 4 hour Saturday School

Third offense:

  • Student referred to Asst. Principal
  • Parent Contact
  • Student dropped from class with “F”


University High School takes bullying very seriously. We teach students the values of integrity, mutual respect, personal and social responsibility, and compassion and expect demonstrations of those values on and off campus. Furthermore, every student has a right to come to a school in a hostile free environment.

Students who feel they are subject to bullying are encouraged come speak to a counselor, administrator, teacher or any adult on campus. The school is equipped to help, but needs to know in order to address issues that arise.

Here are some valuable resources for students, parents, and teachers: