Student Council is a group of about 30 people tasked with representing each of their respective classes. They are leaders among their class, by attending and setting up events. They are in charge of building the structures, painting the murals, and choreographing dances for Spirit Week.  They also partake in Unilympics and activities outside of campus such as community service events and class bondings.  Most importantly,

Student Council puts time and energy into making the school a better place.


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The senior class leadership intends to ensure the best possible experience for seniors by planning senior activities, spirit week, and unilympics.

-Quinn Pettit


Senior Class Council List


President: Quinn Pettit

Vice Presidents: Robert Beddome, Sara Sussman



Desiree Chong

Kelly Chong

Ray Corpus

Dhanvi Desu

Maddie Fruman

Oliver Kubit

Calvin Lee

Karissa Posada

Jake Rome

David Serrano

Christie Sung

Tristan Mogari

Daniel Yoo

Mackenzie Field

Rishan Ephrem

Frankie Son

Joshua Alvarez

Sofia Canul

Rebecca Ofir

Alyssa Heston

Annabelle Park

Lily Litvak

Sun Lee

Chris Lohmeyer

Jack Goodrich

Julia Yoon

Chris Park

Ashvin Sial

Elias Fang


The junior class has taken it upon themselves to serve the class of 2020. With hard work and dedication, we will face and conquer obstacles that make come our way. Through Spirit Week, Unilympics and other class events that form during the school year, we will stick together in order to thrive.

-Iman Syed


Junior Class Council List


President: Iman Syed

Vice Presidents: Anthony Liang, Clare Jun



Michael Bae

Lucy Chen

Neel Choudhary

Ati Gali

John Ha

Austin Kaufman

Amy Koo

Rose Koo

David Lee

Kasra Lekan

Caedon Ng

Ashley Nunamaker

Melika Rezanejad

Bi Tran

Nina Zand

Katherine Billiter

Joy Chen

Sam DeLeo

Amir Maghami

Niloo Motahari

Ivy Tan

Justin Sung

Kai Yoshizaki

Pranav Kanchi

Esther Kim

Kate Weiland

Naila Mazhar

Dylan Du

Kaili Chen

Sawsan Dibseh

Charles Wu


Our sophomore class of 2021 strive work collectively as one to achieve our common goal of winning both Spirit Week and Unilympics.

-Theodore Hur


Sophomore Class Council List


President: Teddy Hur

Vice Presidents: Olga Barbashova, Kavin Krishnam



Francesca Dungo

Henry Feuerborn

Nikki Ghaemi

Shauna Ghezel

Zenya Hsu

Kortney Maeda

Izzy Pagano

Peter Park

Gabi Souza

Wilson Su

Sam Wiedemann

Evan Wolf

Dani Zand

Kirah Andreychuk

Keiko Behrens

Claire Choi

Katherine Courtiss

Nidhi Desu

Parsa Hamidi

Liam Horan

Cheyenne Hwang

Praneet Iddamsetty

Caroline Mumm

Amberley Martinez

Milan Narula

Kristina Yan

Danielle Prosky

Amber Rogers

Kaili Taagepera


The freshman class of 2022 council will work long and hard to achieve our goal of winning both spirit night and unilympics

-Wyatt MacKellar


Freshman Class Council List


President: Wyatt MacKellar

Vice President: Jean Meyer



Andrew Kim

Anna Keeling

Annika Nie

Christina Yue

Daeseo Lee

Erin Jeon

Gabriel Young

Gwen Sanders

Isabel Hahn

Karim Galal

Kian Agahi

Kody Alarcon

Krutav Mididaddi

Lila Sepici

Lilli Behpoor

Luke Liao

Mika Nenadic

Nikki Tsai

Pranav Moudgalya

Priyanshi Singh

Radin Ahmadizadeh

Rohan McEligot

Roy Kim

Saloni Sharma

Sara Ghaem-Maghami

Scott Burke

Simona Forster

Sol Choi

Yasmeen Benmohamed

Zoie Verghese