10th Grade

Sophomore Conference

All sophomores will participate in a group sophomore conference. Sophomore conferences run from January until April. You will receive an e-mail with your student's scheduled date and time approximately two weeks prior to the meeting date. Please make sure to review all materials that are sent home prior to the meeting. At the sophomore conference, there will be a presentation for students and parents and students will be selecting courses for their junior year. All materials for the sophomore conference are posted on the Counseling Canvas page.

Please watch this video BEFORE attending your sophomore conference

Course prerequisites can be found in the Uni Course of Study.

Parent Coffee

The sophomore parent coffee for the class of 2026 was held on Monday, November 13th. You can find the presentation slides here and the handout here.

Fall Semester

Throughout the first semester of tenth grade, we continue to monitor the progress of our tenth-grade students.  In conjunction with the College and Career Coordinator, we administer a career interest inventory (via Naviance) to sophomores.  All sophomores have the opportunity to take the PreACT (practice ACT) during Fall semester.

Spring Semester

From January through April, we schedule group meetings with every sophomore and their parent to select courses for junior year and discuss post-high school options. This conference covers: transcripts, grad check, college requirements, testing, career interests, ROP, postsecondary options. If necessary, summer school, and other areas of concern are discussed.  Course selections are confirmed when second semester grades are final and teachers submit their recommendations.   Letters to parents of students requiring summer school are sent in April.


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