Homework Policy

In accordance with IUSD Board Policy 6154 the University High School Staff has collaborated to create the following Homework Policy:

Homework at University High School whether assigned in the format of reading, skill development, vocabulary practice, or extension assignments, is designed to reinforce and review the concepts and content learned in the classroom, prepare or study for assessments, and introduce upcoming lessons. Students are expected to thoughtfully approach and complete homework with the same earnest diligence that they bring to their classwork each day.

Support at School

Homework assignments will be purposeful and differentiated to meet the needs of all students. Teachers will work with their curricular levels to determine the percentage to which homework will be factored into student grades. Through cross-curricular collaboration, departments will work to minimize overlap of major assignments in order to limit an excessive work load.

University High School provides a number of resources to assist students with homework, including:

Support at Home

Parents and guardians are encouraged to consistently provide a supportive and distraction-free environment for students to work independently. Additionally, parents are encouraged to check homework for completion and quality.

Academic Breaks

With the recognition that students need some time without academic homework assignments, all curricular departments will recognize an "academic break" for all students during the following calendar holiday:

Thanksgiving Break
4 day weekend in February

Special Circumstances

Parents can find information regarding homework expectations and policies from individual teachers by attending Back-to-School Night and referencing Blackboard, Parent Portal, and/or Course Expectations/Syllabi. Concerns regarding specific homework policies should be brought to the attention of the teacher via email or telephone contact.

Before or immediately after an excused absence or suspension, it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate and make up any assignment or assessment with each teacher in an agreed upon timeframe. Students are accountable for the completion of long-term assignments on pre-assigned due dates regardless of absence.